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Spending hours a day on commute which you’d rather spend for yourself or your family.

Iconic Shyamal happens to be at the centre of the city connecting Shivranjani, Prahaladnagar, Nehrunagar, Jivraj and beyond, Vastrapur and S.G Highway.

It is also a centre for connecting east and west Ahmedabad. With a growing city like Ahmedabad, you could not be more strategically located than at Iconic Shyamal.

At Iconic Shyamal, you have facilities like a Contemporary, well equipped gym where you can work out along with work and a cafeteria where you can slp on a chal while cracking the next big overseas deal.

Iconic Shyamal is a welcoming place where you meet people from different walks of life.


How Profitable is Investing in Commercial Real Estate?

Real estate investments are often considered the most profitable. With big corporations like McDonald's running their entire business based on real estate, the options for investment here seems even more lucrative. However, a significant difference between real estate and most other investment modes is the amount of capital that goes into the actual investment. While you can buy stocks or even angel invest in a company with an amount in 5 digits, real estate investment starts in 6-7 digits. While this offers a significantly larger margin for profits, it also boosts the risks. If you're looking to invest in an excellent commercial property in Ahmedabad, here are a few rules you should follow to ensure it will be successful:

1. Location Matters.

The location of your piece of real estate is crucial when trying to calculate your potential for profits. You will be able to get returns on your investment via two mediums – rent and appreciation. Both of these depend on the location of your property. It would be best if you ideally looked for areas with a vacancy rate lower than 5%. An excellent place to start would be to check out the commercial properties by Iconic Shyamal.

2. Building Quality.

Your building's quality is another essential factor that will significantly affect the amount you can earn from it. Whether Class A, B+, or B, the building's quality will be something tenants look into before agreeing to rent your property. Moreover, multinational corporations can always pay a premium for higher quality in the property they rent out. Therefore, it's always a good idea to get the building thoroughly examined by an expert before investing in it. You can also rely on a trusted developer to provide you with high-grade buildings. Iconic Shyamal’s range of Class A commercial property in Ahmedabad is bound to impress you.

3. Understand Demand Vs. Supply.

The concept of Supply and Demand dominates the free market worldwide. Being an investor requires you to understand this concept well enough. You can take a look at the micro-markets where brokers like Knight Frank publish annual demand reports for commercial properties in Ahmedabad. If the demand in the micro-markets of Ahmedabad falls short of the supply, you can expect the prices to drop soon and wait before investing. If the opposite is true, then you should invest as quickly as possible to get the best price possible on the real estate.

4. Analyze the Interiors.

In most cases of commercial property leasing, the role of handling the interior fittings and facilities falls on the tenant. You should avoid spending too much on the interiors, and instead deliver the office as bare as possible. This is especially true for a NNN lease. Doing so will increase your returns as a tenant who furnishes the office on their own will be more likely to stay for a longer time to recover the costs.

5. The Security Deposit is a Test.

The security deposit that the tenant chooses to offer you will let you know if they are the right choice for you or not. Typically, the security deposit for commercial properties varies between 8- and 12-months’ rent. However, if a tenant offers you six months' worth of rent or less in the deposit, it can be a red flag. This can either indicate that they are looking for a relatively short-term contract or financial issues. However, this isn't always the case as startups often look for buildings with a low-security deposit, and many of them turn into long-term tenants. The next time you look at the commercial properties in Ahmedabad, for your next investment mode, consider the above rules, and you will surely make the right decision.

5 Reasons why you should invest in a commercial property in Ahmedabad!

If you did not visit Ahmedabad between 2005 and 2020 – you would be in for a surprise. Ahmedabad now has evolved into one of the finest commercial real estate markets in the country. And when you are in the city, you can see all the reasons why!

Buying a commercial property in Ahmedabad is easier and more profitable than you might think. Most investors in real estate have a tendency to invest either in major cities where rates are hyper-inflated, or in rural areas where they expect development in the coming years. The market of commercial property in Ahmedabad does not come in any of these categories – because it is developing and yet has a lot of room to give you profits.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a commercial property in Ahmedabad:

1. Excellent opportunity to get rental income.

Ahmedabad has one of the finest rental markets in the country. People who have given their shops, homes and even industrial units on rent, are easily able to get six figure rents on a monthly basis.

Not just this, thanks to the growing economy of the city, more and more businesses are growing. Hence, if your plan is to have a consistent cashflow for the coming years, investing in a commercial property in Ahmedabad will be a masterstroke.

2. A commercial property in Ahmedabad will appreciate faster than the rate of inflation.

Most of the commercial property in Ahmedabad, that comes in areas such as Satellite, Prahladnager or Sindhu Bhavan Road has seen appreciation rates beating the inflation rate in India.

Considering an inflation rate of 6% p.a., you will easily be able to get more appreciation on your estate in Ahmedabad over a long term horizon.

3. Ahmedabad has a great mix of public transport, education, medical and entertainment avenues.

Schemes like BRTS and the Ahmedabad International Airport have made the city a great hub of transportation for the entire state and nation. Not just this, educational institutions like the IIM, Delhi Public School and even private universities are in great numbers. Malls like the Ahmedabad One mall have been bought by highly disciplined institutional investors like the Blackstone Group.

4. Ahmedabad is one of the finest cities to set up a new business in India.

Even if you are not willing to rent or sell your commercial property in Ahmedabad, it still makes sense to buy one here. Setting up a new business in your property in Ahmedabad will give you multiple benefits like exposure to a growing market, higher per capita income and growing literacy rates.

5. There are several great commercial real estate brands entering the market.

Major brands like the Blackstone Group and Palladium are either already in Ahmedabad or planning to enter the market. This means that when you invest in commercial property in Ahmedabad, you are actually in the company of some of the finest developers and investors in the entire world.

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